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Jury Duty on a Snow Day

Yesterday I went to the Manhattan Courthouse to report for jury duty for the first time in my life. I had romanticized jury duty since I was a kid watching Law & Order with my dad - and I was finally honored with an opportunity to do my civic duty to uphold justice. My actual experience was much less exciting. I'm glad I won't be confined to the jury box for hours on end and shuffled from one room to another. But I loved hearing about the people, the other jurors. Coming from all different parts of Manhattan - all so unique of various backgrounds, crafts and energies. All coming to uphold an obligation to support the judicial system.

We were released early today because of the snow and I already had the day off. I kept thinking about Central Park while I was on the Q home and decided to indulge my spontaneity. It was straight up tundra blizzard coming out on 7th Avenue walking towards the park with the wind slicing against my cheeks as I pushed forward. But as soon as I made it to the park, the wind subsided and huge fluffy flakes floated down sticking to my eyelashes. Unfortunately my mascara wasn't waterproof but it didn't hinder my stroll which soon became a walking meditation.

As I followed the path deeper into the park, i was surprised to hear birds chirping and people laughing, though this is totally appropriate for the first day of spring. The snow created an illusion of winter but I could see the new spring sprouts peeking through the white coating. Even the slush of my boots on the sidewalk sounded like the splish splash of my rainboots in a shallow spring rainshower. Maya, the illusion will be there but you can choose to see it and dance with it.

I came across these rocks on my walk today and wanted to see the snowy view from the top. When I was 5 years old, I thought it was a straight up mountain in the the middle of New York City. I made it my mission to climb to the top, and I did, of course. Since then, this part of the park has been a place of comfort - it's my spot. So I again embarked upon my trek in the snow.

Safety tip and interesting life lesson: Sometimes it's better to take the path untraveled. Not even less traveled, but unexplored and completely your own. I figured this out on my way down making fresh prints in the crisp, fresh, heavy snow. Contrasting with my slippery stumble up the rocks, I felt grounded and stable.

I walked down to the chess house and beyond a bit exploring a bridge or two. Visually I noticed all of the green preservation signs in the park. As a legislative intern, I researched how Central Park was funded - 75% of its funding is raised through donations. I saw other people, some alone, some with dogs, some in groups. I heard different languages - Espanol, Arabiya, Irish accents, New York accents. Again all of this diversity in this small part of the park. To New Yorkers, this isn't unusual, and maybe so for other metropolis dwellers but I am still amazed by how this city brings so many people together. It's not like the park is a confining institution like work or school - most of us were in the park of free will. Diversity but a convergence of free will exudes a powerful energy cultivating creativity and positive synergies.

As I looked beyond the softball field I saw so many snow fluffs falling towards me, eventually vanishing into the Earth. Each flake so different and unique, like the jurors, combining into a protective coating of snow. At that moment, I thought of oneness, samadhi, union, yog. Yog (Yoga) means to yoke, or to become one. A few breaths and I'm off.

I returned home to continue studying for the MPRE.

Please share snow day revelations and adventures! :)

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